Our specialist team has a track record of supporting all types of NHS organisations to identify and assess workforce risks before they arise, effectively respond to the most urgent operational challenges and design and deliver longer term fully workable solutions for safe staffing.

In our health economy, workforce pressures have become the most significant barrier to delivering safe and sustainable services.

With more than 44,000 reported nurse vacancies – a number which could grow to 100,000 by 2030 – the challenges are clearly national but are most pressing within hospitals and other local front line services.

What needs to be done?

Workforce challenges are complex and require a balancing act between effective daily HR operations, meeting in-year targets and financial challenges, and medium-long term strategic planning in a cohesive way.  The key challenges we face across the NHS include:

  • Staff supply, recruitment & retention
  • Staff productivity & role innovation
  • Planning, recruiting & collaborating across health and care systems.
  • Cost control, efficiency & agency usage
  • Leadership, culture & organisational development

How can we support you?

Our specialist workforce team has an extensive track record of leading workforce programmes at all levels of the health and care system including:

  • Department of Health
  • NHS England
  • Health Education England
  • Regional health authorities
  • Commissioners,
  • Place-based programmes
  • Acute, mental health and community providers
  • Primary care including PCNs and GP Federations

This experience across all system levels means we are best placed to understand the right approach and initiatives to address your unique workforce issues in the most effective way.

Our services will provide a comprehensive workforce solution to address both the pressing delivery and strategic priorities:

  • Workforce Planning, Modelling & Risk Assessment – supports decision making by empowering leaders to test  and understand impacts of workforce changes and expected benefits.  Our programme includes:

    – Workforce Risk Assessments – quantified, itemised risk matrix
    – Workforce ‘Rightsizing’
    – Demand and capacity ‘real time’ modelling & management
    – New Roles: Assessing Opportunities
    – Ideal Workforce Design
    – ‘Realistic Optimised’ Workforce Design
    – Out of Hospital Workforce Design

  • ‘NHS Long Term Plan’: workforce content development – co-creating, testing and documenting transformative change in submissions that build on STP plans, demonstrate total ‘grip’ of workforce requirements and fully meet regulatory requirements.

  • Rapid Service Recovery – to resolve challenged acute, primary care or community services facing workforce, finance, performance issues


  • Optimise non-clinical functions – identify efficiency improvements and cost-savings across non-clinical including back office functions

  • Service Reviews & Transformation – redesign models of care, associated workforce and team structures to ensure optimal working across your health system.

  • Primary Care & PCN Capacity Building – rapid review, planning and implementation support for new roles, technology and ways of working to increase system capacity.

  • Mobilise Integrated Workforce Models – Attain are experts in delivering workforce transformation, integrating teams, rostering and embedding HR systems, at all system levels

  • Organisational Development & Leadership Support – enabling sustainable organisational transformation, positive culture change and true system working