Primary Care

We have a deep understanding and experience of the primary care landscape to deliver high quality clinically-led primary care and out of hospital services.

At Attain we understand that a high quality, accessible and responsive primary care offer is fundamental to the effective functioning of any health and social care system. We have been supporting the creation of integrated community based health care across many care economies. We recognise that primary care covers an intricate network of first line services providing general practice, community pharmacy, dental and optometry, all providing to service users when seeking support for a health and/or a social related issue.

Our deep understanding of the primary care landscape and development of strong primary care networks has delivered high quality clinically-led primary care and out of hospital services.

Our approach is to work with the local clinicians, service users, and other partner organisations to ensure the sustainability and development of a vibrant primary care service offer to meet the needs of the local population.

Our experience covers

  • The development of primary care networks (PCNs), federations and alliances
  • The mobilisation and implementation of new and innovative primary care service offers

  • The design and development of primary care at scale, extended and enhanced services

  • Support to primary care to develop alternative out of hospital services

  • Support to develop new models of care such as community MDTs based around GP practices

  • Support to integrate services and develop emergent multispecialty community providers

  • Commercial understanding of the new GP contract and funding implications

  • The role of technology to support effective care in the digital era

We rapidly build credibility and trust within the primary care landscape due to our experience and knowledge. We deliver our offering with a team that has both significant clinical and managerial experience in the provision and commissioning of primary care, along with skills and experience in a variety of health and social care environments blended with strong commercial awareness.

Our team offer expertise in:

  • Commercial diagnostics and business change management

  • Organisational development, facilitation, coaching and mentoring

  • Workforce analysis and development

  • Integrated planning and commissioning of primary care services

  • Implementation and mobilization of new primary care services

  • System and process improvement both clinical and back office

  • Improving patient participation groups, public involvement and engagement

  • Governance and assurance – accountability for locally informed decisions

  • Improved contractual agreements and relationships

  • Efficiency management and transition to new ways of working

  • Designing local solutions for workforce, premises and IM&T

  • Modelling of patient flows, demand, capacity and productivity to inform new service design and out of hospital care delivery options

  • Reviewing digital requirements and maximising the use of technology for new primary care models