Urgent & Emergency Care

We understand priorities that flow through a UEC system and have experience of helping to align these to allow for the collaborative and cooperative service improvement.

Attain has extensive experience in providing support to help develop and improve Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC) services with individual providers, commissioner and increasingly across health and care systems.  Attain has worked extensively with Integrated Care Systems (STPs), Places, Organisations, Vanguards and Urgent and Emergency Care Networks to support tangible, sustainable and cost-effective change with a focus on improving the overall patient experience

The delivery of safe, effective and efficient UEC services continues to be a high-profile focus for health economies. The need to deliver key operational targets, operate within budget, slow (or even reverse) increasing demand for high cost services and relieve the growing pressure within the system all while maintaining or improving the quality of care presents a substantial challenge for the NHS. Without coordinated place / system wide change these demands will only increase as demographic, social and other pressures continue to increase.

Our approach to this challenge is to support and enable individual organisations to work collaboratively taking a place or system wide perspective and asking all stakeholders to accept and embrace that no single organisation can maintain, improve or deliver an urgent care system in isolation. We believe that only by bringing organisations together to create common goals and objectives, complex UEC system will deliver the outputs that are needed to provide the best possible care to the population it serves.

We understand that UEC services permeate into many other areas of focus such as QIPP/CRP, system integration or aligned services such as mental health and long-term conditions.  We rely upon our UEC experience to support and guide many other projects and ensure the appropriate connections are made to join up relevant pathways.

What we offer

Having experience of working across systems, places, individual providers and commissioners as well as with national partners (NHSE, NHSI, CQC etc), Attain understands the often-competing priorities that flow through a UEC system and have experience of helping to align these to allow for the collaborative and cooperative service improvement.

To enable this cooperative change, we offer a full range of services to the NHS and it partners.

Strategy Development

We support systems, places and organisations in the development of their emergency care plan and UEC strategies to deliver high quality and effective services. Supporting the alignment of the multiple and often disconnected UEC services we will focus on the key principles for delivery of care, objectives and ultimately the desired outcomes, ensuring that they are aligned with any local, regional or national priorities.

This would then be advanced into tactical strategies to support the delivery of change including areas such as management of demand growth, the development of new models of care and alignment of services.

System diagnostics and rapid improvement

We can rapidly undertake a diagnostic of current services/systems by triangulating available data sources (including the combining of data sets), qualitative data from services users and staff feedback to help identify key areas for focus and intervention. We can then support the development of rapid improvement plans and the realisation of ‘quick wins’ to support immediate improvement. This could include areas such as DTOCs and discharge processes, care home interventions and GP streaming.

Pathways and Models of Care

Using our extensive experience from across the NHS we support local organisations, places and systems to develop, a bespoke model of care based on strong evidence and existing ‘best practice’.  This may range from the development of community or neighbourhood services to enhanced care home support through to ensuring that the maximum benefits are achieved through regional services such as 111 and 999.

We develop plans for services (new or improvements to existing) and implement and deliver tangible changes working with your teams ‘on the ground’ through to a successful implementation.

Analytics and Commercial Support

Complementing our work is a dedicated analytical and commercial offer. Our analytical team quickly and rapidly undertakes detailed modelling across all data sets. This includes demand and capacity at individual service, place or system level to highlight areas of stress; scenario analysis to predict the impact of any service change such as opening a new Urgent Treatment Centre or increasing the clinical input into the 111 service.

Our commercial team supports adapting the contractual mechanisms within the system to remove blockers to change and support the alignment of objectives and outcomes. We have experience in implementing a range of contracting models such as prime provider contracts and outcome-based payments. [any other which apply to urgent care].

Our commercial team also offers a full range of procurement service ensuring not only compliance with required regulation but a process that enables the best value service. Our experience includes the procurement of 111 services, GPOOHs and other aspects of UEC services.