Urgent and Emergency Care Dashboard


Attain were tasked with creating an at-a-glance UEC system overview of pre-hospital, in-hospital and post-discharge services, as well as providing a daily-refreshed and detailed drill-down view of each service, for a region in the South-West of England.


What we did

  1. A UEC deep dive analysis: engaged with a number of teams to understand UEC system, and developed a dataset to support operational decisions.
  2. Planned data set extraction: worked with business intelligence leads to ensure understanding of the data set, common currency, and parameters and infrastructure to receive data.
  3. Delivered extracts: gathered a week’s reporting of the dataset and aggregated it into a common format, with 70 to 80% coverage of the areas.
  4. Built a ‘proof of concept’ dashboard: analysed the processed data and built a dashboard guided by requirements elicited from analysis.
  5. Roadmap to a live dashboard: established the controlling infrastructure, key stages, and a high-level plan, and proposed resources to deliver a live UEC dashboard.



  • Developed an UEC ‘proof of concept’ dashboard with strategic and operational views.
  • Highlighted data constraints that inhibited up-to-date information.
  • Modelled culture and behaviours for collaborative, not combative, use of dashboard.
  • Developed a plan to fulfil system and geographic scope and potential new features.
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