Community Mental Health Transformation Programme Director Support


Attain was commissioned by Kent and Medway ICB to provide a Programme Director to lead the Community Mental Health Transformation (CMHT) Programme. In September 2022, it was identified by incoming Senior Responsible Officers that Kent and Medway needed to accelerate implementation of the CMHT programme. Kent and Medway had ambitions for the radical transformation of community mental health and implementation required careful planning and momentum, so Attain were engaged to accelerate delivery of the new community mental health model (Mental Health Together) and provide leadership to the programme team distributed across several provider organisations in Kent and Medway (ICB, Provider, VCSE).


What we did

  1. Developed a single coherent programme plan, setting out the critical path and milestones across several complex workstreams.
  2. Established effective governance to support delivery across a wide range of stakeholders .
  3. Oversaw the development of the new model of care.
  4. Explored various contractual mechanisms for delivery, including alliance and lead provider model arrangements.
  5. Developed an effective monitoring and evaluation framework, predicated on ensuring impact and effectiveness of transformation is monitored throughout, and that mid-course correction is adopted when needed.



  • People are now receiving care and support from the new Mental Health Together service in Kent and Medway in one of Kent’s Places, with a view to the other three Places rolling out later this year.
  • Lead provider arrangements are in place with effective integrated working between a range of providers.
  • Community Mental Health Framework funding and contracting arrangements have been agreed to ensure future sustainability of the service.
  • The CMHF PMO functions are transitioning to business as usual.


“The CMHF programme has benefitted hugely from the wisdom, leadership, knowledge and skills that Attain have brought to this complex change across the Kent and Medway system.”
– Donna Hayward-Sussex, Chief Operating Officer, KMPT

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