Buckinghamshire Place Health Outcomes and Inequalities


Attain were commissioned by Buckinghamshire Place to do a rapid data review with engagement to assess the health and care outcomes for the County. This was to provide the evidence base to inform the development of the health and care strategy. Our analysis was to identify population cohorts or places where health outcomes were outliers compared to expected benchmarks and to provide the evidence base for future decisions.


What we did

  1. An initial data review to establish available data, targeting national datasets, as well as local data and research papers for broader comparison.
  2. We undertook data analysis and generated a summary report which pulled together the key findings, identifying outliers and unusual trends, and pulling out specific cohorts for focus in the strategy development.
  3. Stakeholder engagement with partners across Place to test the analytical findings, inform the data analysis in an iterative way, and discover and correlate what work was already happening across the health and social care sectors.
  4. Preparation for and attendance at the system-wide event, including the development of summary materials and facilitation support for strategic planning.



  • Our support contributed to a successful event, developing significant momentum around focus areas for the strategy.
  • We provided a detailed report that highlighted some health outcomes and inequalities that will lead to broader thinking for service provision for the population.
  • We informed a new set of task and finish groups for Place and promoted joint thinking in terms of working together across the area.
  • This led to a greater understanding in Buckinghamshire of the range and depth of data available, including the local report pulling together analysis from the shared care record.
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