Mental Health & Learning Disabilities

Our expertise and skills span the full spectrum of services for children and young people, adults and older adults.

Attain has transformed mental health and neurodevelopmental provision across community, inpatient, specialist and secure settings.

Our award-winning team has over 60 years of experience in mental health and learning disabilities and has expertise and skills in relation to operational health and care delivery, patient and public involvement, service transformation, commercial interventions, engagement, contract management, programme and project management and procurement.

We have worked with many NHS and local government organisations across England and Wales, including NHS England / Improvement, CCGs, local authorities, local health boards (NHS Wales) specialised commissioning teams, mental health trusts, independent sector providers, and the voluntary sector, covering a population of 13 million; supporting them to commission and deliver outcome-focused mental health services. Our diverse experience means that we are exceptionally well placed to bespoke local solutions to maximise results and help you achieve parity of esteem.

What mental health expertise do we provide?

  • Assessing current needs and services
  • Horizon scanning emerging policy and best practice

  • Mapping and understanding the provider landscape

  • Modelling capacity and future demand for the full range of services

  • Building governance and contractual arrangements for delivery

This has enabled us to make recommendations for locally-based pathway redesigns that focus on the mental health and well-being of the local population, transform service provision and reduce reliance on out of area admissions.

We delivered services to commissioners and providers to support them to understand their provider market, create informed strategies to stimulate collaboration and competition, set realistic goals and implement projects that bring strategies to life.

Our proven ability to make a substantial impact in terms of improving outcomes and service quality has resulted in savings to the NHS over £15 million.

These projects have delivered tangible outcomes for our clients, including: more effective pathways which reduce admissions, length of stay and readmission rates; care closer to home; improved service quality and outcomes for patients; improved relationships between commissioners and providers; improved evidence of clinical decision making; improved measurement of outcomes; and reduced costs through streamlining processes.