Digital Healthcare Solutions

We have significant experience in delivering a wide range of projects​, from working with NHS Digital ​to embedding ‘digital first’ options across the patient pathway.

A market leader in delivering digital programmes, Attain has long experience delivering a wide range of projects​, from working with NHS Digital on the national 111 online programme, ​to implementing technology enabled QIPP programmes and digitising services at the point of care.​

‘Digital First’ Primary Care

We advanced embedding ‘digital first’ options for primary care by leading the procurement and implementation for direct booking and online consultations for over 44 GP surgeries.

Technology enabled clinical care redesign

We implemented a multi-faceted approach to demand management which included procuring and integrating a digital platform across 67 GP practices, and enhancing system-wide data driven commissioning. ​

System-wide QIPP initiatives​

We established new ways of working across service providers and IT systems to improve system-wide information sharing, for example, reduce the impact of low temperatures, including the number of deaths, amongst those at greatest risk.

System Integration

We supported the integration and interoperability of multiple patient data sources and clinical systems to provide both system-wide and patient level intelligence.

National Enablers​

We have partnered with NHS Digital in the roll out of the 111 online service nationally and are providing analytical expertise throughout England.

New Models of Care

We developed QIPP business cases and telecare prevention and response services with the CCG, Councils and Community providers resulting in saving the CCG £1million​.

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