Technology Partner

Digital Technology has, until recently, played a supporting role for the NHS;  it is now an integral component of healthcare itself. We have helped many organisations, including NHS Digital to create a digital environment that compliments all parts of the patient pathway.

Digital technology in the NHS is the foundation to transforming and helping the NHS to deliver world class care. It has been recognised as a significant component of the Long Term Plan and the response to Covid-19 has demonstrated how fundamental digital technologies have become; this cultural shift is now irreversible.

Attain have a long track record of helping organisations across health and social care as well as systems deliver on their priorities. This is based on our deep rooted clinical and operational expertise and in depth understanding of the role of technology to meet the challenges of health and care provision.  

What needs to be done?

The challenges of embedding digital transformation into organisations are complex and include the need for:

  • Articulation of positive patient outcomes that digital tools deliver, not the other way round

  • Strategic alignment of the digital roadmap across your organisation and local health economy

  • Choosing the best option or portfolio tailored to you from a vast array of suppliers

  • Delivering digital services at scale and across larger footprints

  • Ensuring that technologies fit into the clinical pathway to help and not hinder communication

  • Adequate ROI and benefits realisation

  • Compliance with information governance and GDPR regulations

How can we support you?

Our services will provide a bespoke approach to delivering pressing implementation and strategic priorities across the system:

  • Digital strategy and content development – agreeing digital priorities across the organisation, co-creating, testing and documenting transformative change in formal paperwork and submissions that build on existing plans and developing a digital roadmap for implementation

  • Technology enabled clinical care design and new models of care – designing clinical care models and pathways with digital technology and innovation at their core, to make best use of our workforce, our resources without compromising patient safety or experience

  • Market research and options appraisal – keeping the problem you are trying to solve at the forefront, carry out comprehensive market research on all potential suppliers, resulting in a tailored digital solution or portfolio to address your needs

  • Business case development – help you in defining and clearly articulating the case for change, chosen digital solution and impacts to secure investment laying the path to a smooth implementation

  • Digital solution implementation – provide our unique blend of project management and digital expertise as well as use our carefully selected technology partners where appropriate to plan and deliver a digital solution across your organisation or system – in line with regulations and staff training needs

  • Procurement of digital solutions – assist you in navigating procurement processes from developing specifications, identifying optimum route to market including assessment of national frameworks ensuring compliance with legislation whilst meeting your digital solution requirement in a timely manner


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