Diagnostics and Cancer

We have a solid track record of supporting the NHS to deliver improvements in diagnostics and cancer services. We understand the complexities of cancer pathways and the challenges local systems face in meeting the needs of their population.

Attain works with cancer alliances, providers and commissioners across the country. We have supported the development and delivery of plans to meet local and national priorities including early diagnosis, improved outcomes from treatments and personalised care. We support the development of sustainable models of care which are evidence-based and informed by local data. Our focus is always on the patient’s experience and improving outcomes.

Commissioners and providers of cancer services are tasked with delivering an ambitious transformational agenda. The NHS Long Term Plan sets a target of improving cancer survival so that by 2028 an additional 55,000 people each year will survive cancer for five years or more, and at least 75% of patients will be diagnosed with early stage cancers (stage one or two).

To support these aims, the priorities are:

  • to develop joined-up approaches to achieve the 28 day faster diagnosis standard and improve performance against the 62 day standard;
  • to understand capacity and demand to support service transformation;
  • to roll-out the development of rapid diagnostic centres;
  • to take a holistic approach to delivering personalised care, including risk-stratified follow-up pathways;
  • to meet the workforce challenge head-on, developing innovative approaches to meet the growing gaps in medical and non-medical staffing.

What we offer

We have experience of working across cancer alliances, STPs, ICSs, places, and with individual providers to support strategy development, system-wide modelling and deliver transformational change. We understand the national priorities aligned to cancer services, and the requirement to work across organisational boundaries to make sustainable improvements.

To support these priorities, we offer a variety of services including:

Early diagnosis and prevention

We work with primary care, secondary care and public health to support prevention and early detection of cancer. We have a deep understanding of population health management and segmentation which can help to focus resources. We work across health communities to identify and eliminate unwarranted variation, for example to improve uptake of screening programmes, and ensure that patients get on the most appropriate referral pathway at the start of their journey. We have developed a systematic approach to data analysis, engagement and planning to improve the pathway for patients with vague or non-specific symptoms.

Faster diagnosis

We have supported various geographies to model future demand and capacity requirements. Attain has developed solutions and supported transformational projects to increase capacity, pool resources and share expertise across diagnostic services.

Pathway transformation

We have experience of supporting transformation across complex care pathways to improve performance and deliver best practice models of care.

We work closely with clinicians and service users to inform pathway transformation. We have significant experience of implementing redesigned pathways that span several organisations, including major service reconfigurations.

Commercial support

Attain has an experienced commercial team that can provide advice and practical support on contractual and financial matters (including estates) to support service transformation.

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