QIPP Support: North West CCG


QIPP Support

North West CCG


Attain supported a North West CCG to develop their QIPP programme.

This included:

  • Undertaking a high-level review of the CCG’s commissioned services to identify opportunities for efficiency and/or quality improvement.
  • Developing proposals and making recommendations for a sustainable PMO approach to the management of projects and programmes.
  • Developing proposals and recommending innovative contracting models to help transform services with focus on identifying opportunities to maximise efficiency and productivity. This was supported by the development and delivery of a bespoke training programme for CCG managers in identifying and delivering QIPP.

What we did

  • Governance arrangements for QIPP were reviewed and recommendations made to adopt a sustainable PMO approach.
  • Contracting arrangements were reviewed and recommendations made to consider alternative approaches to contracting with providers that could incentivise QIPP.
  • Training for CCG managers was successfully delivered over two days.

Our impact

Our results included;

  • The commissioned services review identified an additional £1.6 million transactional QIPP schemes and the potential for up to an additional £5.6 million in transformational QIPP schemes for the immediate financial year. An approach to longer term transformational QIPP schemes with potential to release up to £30 million was also recommended.
  • The QIPP governance review resulted in a revised governance and meeting structure and a triggered a wider CCG led review of the decision process across the totality of the CCG’s business. The outcome was fewer and more productive meetings with decisions taking place at the appropriate level in the organisation.
  • The contract review identified and recommended alternative forms of contract to support QIPP opportunities identified via the commissioned services review.
  • 32 CCG managers were successfully trained in the adoption of revised QIPP governance and PMO processes.

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