Frimley Healthcare ICS: East Berkshire CCG


Frimley Healthcare ICS: Support to develop the neurodiversity workstream

East Berkshire CCG


Attain was commissioned by East Berkshire CCG to support the development of the Frimley Health ICS neurodiversity children’s workstream.

  • Attain’s objectives were to support the workstream SRO and partners to develop their governance arrangements and priorities.
  • Attain also supported the workstream members to work together so that they could:
  • Identify what activities are carried out at place based and wider geographical levels
  • Identify where they can work together to transform the services on offer
  • Align services where possible
  • Identify, learn from and share good practice
  • Optimise resources

What we did

  • Carrying out a baseline assessment of the work already undertaken across the ICS
  • Working with workstream members to develop a vision, PID, roadmap and action log
  • Carrying out a desktop review of children, young peoples and family health and wellbeing themes across each locality within the ICS and nationally and summarised them
  • Creating a maturity matrix to enable the workstream members to identify which area would be best place to implement an early identification screening tool pilot
  • Supporting two of the localities to complete the maturity matrix

Our impact

We developed:

  • A united vision for neurodiversity across Frimley health, including a set of priorities and shared workstreams
  • A baseline summary pack outlining work already undertaken across the ICS

Governance docs:

  • PID
  • Terms of reference
  • Roadmap
  • Action log
  • A summarised set of priorities pack
  • A series of workstreams to deliver the ambition of the workstreams
  • Children, young peoples and families health and wellbeing theme summary pack
  • A maturity matrix summary pack

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