The Honeypot: A review of Attain’s Charity 2021

Following our annual staff vote, we chose Honeypot to be our charity partner for 2021.

The Honeypot is a small charity that works with child carers, aged between 5 and 12. These children are particularly marginalised as the government does not recognise them in terms of benefits, however, they play a crucial role in caring for family members, meaning that they are unable to live the normal life of a young child.

Many young carers lack confidence, and are bullied at school as a result of their responsibilities at home. On average, they achieve 9 GCSE’s below peers of the same age.

The charity supports the children in a number of ways, with the core activities being the provision of respite breaks across its two residential sites in Hampshire and Mid-Wales.

The breaks offer the children some much needed, protected time to play, enable them to make new friends and explore their surroundings and free them of their usual caring commitments. Children have the opportunity to socialise with peers with shared experience, and engage with responsive, encouraging adults.

2021 coincided with The Honeypot’s 25th Anniversary and our 10th. Throughout the year, we undertook various activities to help raise funds for the charity, which included:

  • Ride for 25, coinciding with Young Carers Action Day on 16th March
  • Buy your old work iPhone for £50
  • Fantasy football donations
  • Summer step challenge
  • Beat the goalie challenge at the summer party
  • 100 in October challenge

Below is a quote from Simmi Woodwal, Honeypot’s CEO:

“On behalf of the Honeypot Children’s Charity, I would like to personally thank you all for your incredible fundraising through your 100km/miles challenge through the month of October. It is through the generosity of supporters like you, that we can continue providing critical support for young carers during and after the pandemic.”

Then from 30th November to 3rd December, we joined The Honeypot in their biggest ever fund raiser, where we helped them to raise £1m in just 4 days through a viral match funding campaign – and absolute game-changer for the charity, enabling them to double the number of children they support from 2,000 to 4,000.

All in all, we had a record-breaking year in terms of fund raising, with our efforts equating to £10,000 for The Honeypot. We very much enjoyed working with the charity and look forward to following their future developments.


Honeypot Childrens Charity Logo