Senior Administrator

What is the purpose of the role?

To provide administrative and organisational support to the Operations team to ensure;

  • the smooth running of internal and external events
  • head office is fit for purpose and provides staff with what’s required and
  • that technology and processes are compliant and available to staff

What does the role involve?

  • Provide pro-active general administrative support to the People team
  • Provide administrative support and co-ordination for internal and external events
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with 3rd party suppliers e.g. IT, facilities, phone suppliers, room bookings, travel an accommodation and others as required
  • Ensure the organisation remains compliant in GDPR and Information Governance and staff are trained
  • Work with the IT suppliers to ensure staff have access to the right technology to fulfil their roles e.g. laptops, firewalls, servers, printers, Wifi, SharePoint technical developments
  • Working with the IT supplier, manage IT issues for staff as required
  • Manage the office supplies and maintenance with facilities
  • Co-ordinate Health and Safety requirements e.g. ensure the required number of first aiders and fire wardens
  • Manage other accounts such as subscriptions, amazon, survey monkey
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