Project Description

Urgent Care Quality Improvement

National Regulator


Attain was commissioned to provide rapid urgent care improvement support to a challenged Trust. We provided service improvement, programme management and analytical support to the national team which included;

  • Deep dive of the current systems and processes in the Trust to identify any fundamental flaws and major causes of delay in the system and to identify where the delivery of improvements will have the biggest impact on performance and quality
  • Data analysis, using data for improvement approaches

  • Rapid quality improvement implementation to support the Trust to deliver system wide improvements in access and patient flow

What we did

  • To deliver this engagement we applied robust project management.
  • Utilised quality improvement techniques within a Lean framework and incorporated a significant degree of medical and executive engagement

  • Worked directly alongside Trust staff to observe and map the Trust’s systems and processes

  • Analysed the Trust data for the urgent care pathway and patient discharges

  • Bridged the gap between executive understanding of the issues and challenges and captured and reflected operational staff challenges in delivering care.

  • Supported the Trust to deliver improvements in both quality and performance

Our impact

  • Significant release of nursing time through effective central reporting and reduction in the need to attend unnecessary bed meetings.
  • Reported 30% increase in discharges during the improvement work period due to improved co-ordination, improved information and improved processes.

  • Accurate real time information available on bed status through the raised profile of completion of the Trust internal patient flow system (Cayder).

  • Reduction in nursing time completing referral forms due to implementation of Cayder referral.

  • Removal of system delays due to wards awaiting services to assess, review or agreed discharge due to lack of information and co-ordination in discharge process.

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