Project Description

Urgent Care and Winter Resilience

Somerset STP


As part of a wide-ranging engagement within a STP Attain were employed to provide operational and strategic support to the A&E Delivery Board and the wider Urgent and Emergency Care system to allow for the delivery of a range of short and medium-term interventions to support immediate financial and operational pressures including winter resilience.

This included:

  • Rationalisation of interventions across the UEC system
  • Demand modelling of expected demand over winter to support and deliver the Winter Plan

  • Establishment of appropriate delivery accountability within the system and at the A&E delivery board

What we did

Attain worked across the whole economy to support delivery, this included:

  • Use of robust project management methodologies to ensure appropriate rigour within the programme of work
  • Provided an independent ‘check and challenge’ of current programmes of work to understand deliverability

  • Defined the financial impact of UEC projects and created a dashboard to monitor progress of delivery and related ROI (used to inform system financial risk)

  • Creation of the UEC dashboard to consolidate and focus programme accountability for delivery

  • Detailed demand and capacity modelling for the acute providers NEL activity to allow for appropriate planning

Our impact

Our results included;

  • Identification of up to £20m of financial opportunity for efficiencies within the Urgent and Emergency Care System
  • Clear identification of a true bed position for winter allowing for appropriate planning and resilience and a clear requirement of funding to support the required interventions to reduce acute bed requirement

  • Identification of £6.3m of immediate savings across a common currency within the system and

  • Implementation of a dashboard developed for the A&E delivery board to monitor progress

  • Supported an initial system wide recovery plan

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