Project Description

Urgent and Emergency Care Workstream

South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Accountable Care System


Attain were commissioned to establish the UEC workstream across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw (SYB), building on and extending work across the patch including the Working Together acute hospital vanguard; recognising robust financial and development plans as key to securing NHS England support for SYB as a first wave ACS

It was crucial to provide comprehensive and accurate data from across the system to support the identification of risks and opportunities; covering activity, finance and performance

Supporting development of project delivery plans across a complex system, in line with national priorities and within the context of local issues and challenges was vital.

What we did

Our support included;

  • Mapped national requirements across the Five Year Forward View, UEC Delivery Plan, UEC 10 Point Plan and other documents
  • Delivered a data pack for the UEC workstream covering key activity, finance and performance metrics for the STP/ACS

  • Developed an overview of patient flow through SYB ED departments to understand the variances of admission method and outcomes across providers.

  • Worked collaboratively with leads to design and deliver a review of Emergency Department (ED) activity, grouping the top diagnosis coded activity to allow exploration of alternative models of managing emergency care

  • Developed a financial modelling tool to support the UEC workstream to identify the expected savings

Our impact

Our results included;

  • SYB approved as a first wave ACS with UEC as one of four key work programmes, underpinned by robust programme and financial plans
  • Activity and financial models in place to support ongoing modelling of service development and activity changes as the context and scope of the workstream plans develop

  • Analysis of ED activity supported a radical review of urgent and emergency care system needs across the SYB ACS

  • Benchmarking tool established which showed progress and gaps across the 5 CCGs for their plans helping to support increased accountability and delivery

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