Project Description

Healthy Futures PMO

West Yorkshire STP


Attain were commissioned to work on system-wide stakeholder management bringing together 11 CCGs, six acute providers, three mental health providers and other stakeholders to be involved in STP planning for the region, more than 4 in total.

This involved;

  • Formation of a governance and PMO structure which seeks input from all stakeholders yet remains agile enough to make timely decisions and drive forward transformational change.
  • Establishing priority programmes of work for the region and support the mobilisation of delivery projects within each one.

  • Developing standard PMO documentation to be used across all priority programmes and projects.

  • Ensuring timely submission of system-wide STP plans to NHSE

What we did

Our support included;

  • Deep Dive sessions brought together clinicians and system leaders to highlight the challenges and opportunities in key areas of health across the region.
  • Local primacy was established with three overarching principles for why regional involvement would be appropriate.

  • The collaboration and decision-making arrangements that already existed between Organisations CCGs were built upon to bring providers and wider stakeholders within the sphere of influence.

  • Role descriptors were established for all system leaders and change agents to include clear lines of accountability and responsibility at all levels.

  • Attain fulfilled an important communications role throughout the establishment of the governance structure and PMO, ensuring engagement and information sharing across key stakeholders and many other partners throughout the region.

  • Robust ToRs for Programme Boards and Project Groups were established along with a suite of PMO documents which provided the necessary assurance at each governance level whilst remaining light and simple to use.

  • Delivery of key Programme Director and Manager roles on an interim basis

Our impact

Our results included;

  • Eight priority programmes of work across WY were established with programme management resource to deliver change.
  • Attain has supported the recruitment of substantive posts within the PMO and across priority programmes to ensure continued effective delivery of the Healthy Futures ambitions.

  • A robust programme governance structure involving all identified stakeholders across the region was agreed and is now moving towards delegated decision-making authority.

  • The programme is monitored and controlled effectively using a PMO documentation suite that has been developed and refined by those working within the priority programmes.

  • STP submissions made in line with national requirements and short delivery deadlines

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