Project Description

Development of GP locality networks in a single CCG

Mid & South Essex STP


Southend CCG appointed Attain to support the development of collaborative primary care working-at-scale within local GP practices.

This involved:

  • Engaging general practices in a change management process resulting in the co-production of detailed locality implementation plans
  • Working in partnership with the local authority to ensure harmonisation with the evolving service model for complex care

  • Ensuring that locally determined priorities were identified alongside national priorities outlined in the GP Forward View

What we did

Our support involved:

  • We visited individual GP practices, undertook on-line surveys and ran group workshops in order to engage all local GPs and develop an accurate view of their current challenges and priorities
  • Identified local demographic and health outcome related drivers for service change and shared these with GP practices to provide context for the discussions about service development

  • Undertook a genuine process of co-production and developed service models, service specifications and business cases for new locality-based services

  • We established locality group project teams and drafted an initial MoU for GP practices to work together on a locality basis

Our impact

Our results included:

  • The business cases and service specifications were approved and adopted by the CCG governance boards and funding awarded for a pilot of the new services
  • A local GP practice acted as host employer for a locality-wide home visiting & triage service with implementation overseen by the locality group

  • An extended access hub model was developed and implementation overseen by the CCG primary care team

  • A robust collaborative working model was established in one locality which will be spreading to the remaining three areas

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