Project Description

CCG Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures Phase 1 – a system-wide transformation programme

North Lincolnshire CCG and North East Lincolnshire


Attain was commissioned to provide expertise in OD and delivery in the following areas: 

  • Strategic leadership and programme management
  • Executive support and coaching for accountable officers and senior responsible officers

  • Independent assurance for system stakeholders and system regulators

  • Development of clinical leadership, clinical workshop facilitation and supporting clinicians as effective change agents

  • Financial and activity modelling, health needs analysis and assessment.

What we did

Our support for Phase 1 (June 2013–October 2014) included;

  • Establishment and management of full Programme Management Office
  • Stakeholder summit to share the case for change and jointly agreed vision

  • A public engagement phase on “The case for change and joint vision”

  • Series of clinical workshops reviewing safety and quality of local services

  • A second public engagement phase “Moving the Conversation On”

  • Development of two full options appraisals for service change including health needs assessments, transport/travel analysis and sound decision making/evaluation mechanisms

  • An NHS Gateway review of the programme management arrangements

  • Clinical senate review of service change proposals

  • Delivery of full public consultation on the two service change proposals

  • Facilitation of decision by accountable officers and senior responsible officers to review the outputs from the consultation and agree the final decision for service change.

Our impact

Our results for Phase 1 (June 2013–October 2014) included;

  • Ratification and communication of final decision to centralise Hyper-Acute Stroke Services and ENT Inpatient Surgery
  • Development of the PID and outline programme plan for the next phase of the programme

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