Georgina Raffman


Georgina Raffman on her first 30 days at Attain.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a registered nurse with 13 years clinical experience. I have predominantly worked in Acute medicine and Urgent and Emergency care across three large London trusts. In my last roles, I worked on quality improvement projects within Urgent and Emergency care and nationwide transformation programmes for NHS England and Improvement. When not at work, I enjoy long walks, trying out new restaurants, rock climbing and dance classes.

How have your first 30 days been at Attain?

The first 30 days have flown by! I had a structured and informative induction period where I met lots of the Attain team. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and friendly; I had many virtual coffees with the team and met a few people in person. Alongside this, I was sold straight onto my first project which has been enjoyable, I had my first client meeting on day 2! Having already worked in the NHS, I have embedded myself quickly into the client team and it has felt very familiar.

What attracted you to Attain?

Having worked clinically for most of my career, I was keen to find a consultancy that would value my experience and give me the opportunity to work on projects that have a direct impact on patient care. In addition, I was attracted to Attains core beliefs because they align closely to that of the NHS and to my own. Since working at Attain, it is clear the team genuinely care about the work they do and are keen to provide the best possible service to the NHS.

What’s the best thing about being employed with Attain?

So far, I’d say the people are the best thing. Everyone’s skills set is varied, and they have a wealth of knowledge. I feel very privileged to work alongside such an experienced team. Alongside this, there is a real sense of teamwork and community. I have been welcomed in with open arms and feel very supported.

What do you hope the future brings for you with Attain?

I hope to work on a range of interesting and diverse projects, where I can learn from others in the Attain team. Ultimately, the goal for me is to feel like I have contributed in some way to improving services in the NHS for both patients and its staff.

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