Why our staff chose Attain

We are proud to provide a voice to our people to share why they chose Attain and what the best part of their jobs are. Here are just a few.

Maninder Dulku

“Attain has a strong set of values which includes commercial transparency, rigour, responsiveness and impact. The values form an intrinsic part of our day to day work and are not just on the wall. The organisation combines public sector ethos with commercial discipline from the private sector allowing us to make a real impact on the work we do for our clients. I’ve especially enjoyed having the opportunity to work on a multitude of projects across the country which has had a positive influence on improving patient care”.

Maninder Singh Dulku, Associate Director

Rita Tewartha

“I chose Attain 4 years ago because I wanted to be able to work in a dynamic challenging environment within a highly credible company. I have chosen to stay with Attain because as an employer they ensure the company values are “lived” providing me with a supportive working environment and their commitment to our partners is underpinned by ensuring excellence and outcomes in delivery. Together this ensures that I can really make a difference for patients who remain the centre of my personal motivation”.

Rita Trewartha, Senior Manager

Vineeta Mann

“A large part of why I chose Attain are the people; we share the same passion of improving the NHS and every person I have met so far is aligned to this viewpoint. Attain lives by their values which are in line with my own and that of our health service and as a company, Attain provides support from strategy through to delivery which I think is vital in creating long lasting change”.

Dr Vineeta, Mann, Senior Manager

Jayshree Badhan

“They had me at the first hello. At first interview stage, I knew this was the company I wanted to be part of and make a difference within. I was asked about my values and was pleased to hear about the strong values that drive Attain’s vision and success. Having had first-hand experience in seeing the direct impact of people on a business, I have quickly seen why everyone here is so driven and passionate! Attain invests in its people and strategy, which in turn delivers results outside the business”.

Jayshree Badhan, Senior Manager – Marketing