Supporting Patient Flow ahead of Winter and beyond

Last week, the Attain team of Helen Pyecroft, Matthew Jones, Andrea Willimott and Lucy Cole supported Draper & Dash Healthcare, provider of healthcare analytics, with their Executive Patient Flow Winter Summit in London.

Most of you will be familiar with the struggle to facilitate patient flow within your organisations, and with your system partners.

With winter around the corner, what can help you prepare?

As you’re aware, addressing the challenge requires organisational and system leadership, the integration of services within organisations and across systems and access to the right data at the right time to support difficult decisions– none of these challenges are easy to crack, evidenced by the varying performance around flow across the country.

The Summit bought together clinical, operational and corporate patient flow leaders to share their models for delivering patient flow: both in hospitals and across health systems.

Attendees were also given the opportunity to participate in strategic roundtable sessions, with the overall aim of the day being to provide leaders with new patient flow strategies and models, with a focus on creating more capacity and better flow.

We were involved in running a dedicated strategic roundtable discussion on improving patient flow. We shared our approach, which focuses on supporting the patient flow system, alongside supporting you to change culture and associated behaviours to make real change happen.

Watch this space for a roundup of the key insights from the day.

Attain’s Strategy team works in partnership with CCGs, local authorities and organisations to develop strategy and provide advisory and consulting services to plan and create environments for successful, sustainable transformation of the healthcare economy.

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