Planned Care

We have extensive experience in developing sustainable and cost effective change within planned care, through the development and rigorous testing of innovative approaches.

Attain has extensive experience in developing sustainable and cost effective change within planned care through the development and rigorous testing of innovative approaches to manage demand and referrals, transforming outpatient services, improving patient experience and access and offering more integrated person centred care.

We work across all health systems; with acute trusts, CCGs within STPs and ICS  and within primary care. We partner with professionals including GPs, consultants, nurses, other health professionals, third sector groups and the public.

What’s happening in planned care services now?

The demand for NHS and planned care service continues to grow as a result of a growing and ageing population, with increased visibility of unmet need and with the expansion of the frontiers of medical science and innovation.  The Long Term Plan has committed to the reduction of face to face appointments by 30% which outlines the scale of the challenge ahead.

This presents a unique opportunity to radically redesign services across systems so that people get the right care at the right time in the optimal care setting. Plus, fundamentally redesigning outpatient services so that both patients’ time and specialists’ expertise are used more appropriately.

This commitment will act as the catalyst for innovation though the implementation of streamlined  planned care pathways, which harness optimisation of all staff and their skills through new delivery and workforce models. It will also drive a fundamental redesign of outpatient and elective pathways with full exploitation of a range of digital solutions.

Our expertise in Planned Care includes;

Managing demand

  • Introduction of demand management initiatives for example;
    • Advice and guidance
    • Referral management and triage solutions
    • Thresholds and health Optimisation
  • Standardisation of evidence-based pathways
  • Analysis, modelling and delivery of the full range of planned care services.

Outpatient Transformation

  • Clinical pathway redesign
  • Introduction of digital/remote monitoring.
  • Improving patient communication
  • Administrative and booking process redesign for example: clinic management initiatives
  • DNA reduction
  • Estates optimisation

New Delivery Models

  • Planning and delivery of new delivery models to facilitate left activity shift
  • Optimising community pathways
  • Development and roll out First Contact Practitioner initiatives
  • Supporting better utilisation of GPs and other health care professionals with Special Interests in out of hospital settings
  • Introducing one stop community assessment and treatment clinics

Elective Pathway Transformation

  • Baselining and benchmarking services to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Clinical pathway redesign to include:
    • Development of hot and cold lists
    • Development of see and treat clinics
    • Shift from IP to Day case
  • Optimising elective capacity including make, share and buy options
  • Improved discharge processes

Related Projects

We work in partnership with our clients to ensure that our solutions are locally owned and offer a sustainable approach to real change whilst embedding a culture of continuous improvement into business as usual.