Driving transformation strategy to deliver real change in the NHS

Delivering strategic changes that drive the transformation of hospital services is vital now more than ever. At Attain, our in-house clinicians have developed a unique clinical service review framework to help deliver tangible results and address your challenges around finance, quality and safety and the workforce.

A unique clinical service review framework

Attain’s clinical service review framework has been created from our direct experiences of reviewing acute specialities and clinical support services. It balances the competing factors that drive the transformation of hospital services and allows us to build on and consolidate any existing service review work, foster consensus and establish the evidence base, audit trail and public consultation platform to transform services.

A patient-centric plan

At the heart of the framework are three core principles that need to be balanced when developing plans to transform services:

  • System: understanding the strategic drivers and wider context within which services are operating
  • Clinical: building a strong clinical foundation with local clinical teams, putting the patient at the heart of the review and any proposals
  • Sustainability: understanding and driving proposals that support the sustainability of the workforce, estate and financial position of the organisation and system

Supporting a clinical case for change

The framework supports the review of services to develop a clinical case for change which are the most persuasive to all stakeholders. It includes multiple phases: prioritisation of services for review, servicereview and option development and service transformation.

Quickly identifying priority areas

A major benefit of the framework is that it provides a standardised approach to strategically review clinical services to determine the current provision and
configuration, the successes, issues, enablers and blockers, the current and future needs of the local population and transformation solutions.

In this way, it is easy to identify priority areas, build understanding of the issues and ensure impartiality to develop recommendations offering the most appropriate of three levels of transformation:

  • Incremental improvements (‘quick wins’ achievable in the current financial year)
  • Pathway improvement and redesign
  • Service reconfiguration

We achieve results together

What differentiates us is that we become part of your team – working closely with stakeholders from the start of the project to the finish. And by doing the heavylifting we ensure our clients can concentrate on delivering better outcomes for patients.

“Attain worked through a complex set of issues with a diverse set of clinicians and managers, smoothly and effectively. They delivered the brief comprehensively, to time, and were a pleasure to work with.”
Director of Strategy, Acute Foundation Trust